Who Saved The Cushman Scooter

Chapter 10
By Bob Jungbluth

In the early 1980's, 1981 or 1982, Bill Sommerville, along with his wife Karen started the Cushman Club of America. I think this was what really helped save the Cushman scooter. For the first time we had a Cushman newsletter. We heard about others that had scooters and parts for sale and those who wanted a scooter. We now knew now that there were many other people that shared our passion for the Cushman Scooter. Bill Sommerville spent hundreds of hours researching and writing books for all of us to enjoy about the Cushman scooter and the Cushman Motor Company. Bill was the driving force behind the first two National Cushman meets. I joined Bill's Cushman Club of America in 1983. When Bill found out what scooter I had at the time, a 725 Pacemaker, he gave me 725 for my national number and I still have it today. When Bill asked for parts for the 1984 National meet in Lincoln, Nebraska to give out as door prizes, I sent pistons, rods, and oil pumps, and I was happy to do it. 

I really think, and this is just my own opinion, that the 1984 National meet in Lincoln, Nebraska was the event that brought us all together. Hundreds came to see where their scooter was made, and to swap, buy and sell Cushman Scooters and parts.

Something else came to the 1984 meet, The Texas Cushman Club. Now we would see a group that really worked together as a club. They rode together, helped each other get scooters running, and brought the state club concept into being. When I arrived at the 1984 National meet in Lincoln I was having a hard time unloading my scooter. Right away Leon Jones of the Texas club, and several of his friends were there to help me, not only get the scooter off the trailer, but to take it inside. All day long I saw the Texas Cushman club members helping others in the same way.  What a wonderful group. We now have many wonderful state Cushman clubs, each with the same helpful attitude that the Texas Cushman club brought to the 1984 National Meet.

After the 1985 National Meet at Cleburne, Texas, Bill and Karen Sommerville knew that the Cushman club of America was growing almost to large for them to keep up with, and in order for it to continue to grow they would have to give up control of it. Yes they could have hung on for a time, spending the hundreds of hours devoted to keeping it going, but they did what they knew was best for the Club.

In June of 1986 the Cushman club of America was reorganized and new officers were appointed to represent the members until a election could be held. The club was incorporated as a non-profit corporation, and the rest is history. I really believe that Bill and Karen Sommerville were key people in our quest to name those Who Saved The Cushman Scooter 

Your California Cushman Friend

Bob Jungbluth


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