This chapter concludes Bobís story Who Saved the Cushman Scooter. I want to thank Bob for making all this wonderful information available for all to see. Bob is currently writing a story on his Cushman Husky racing engine that he converted to water cooling and ran on methanol. This story will appear at this web site shortly.

Who Saved The Cushman Scooter

Chapter Eleven
By Bob Jungbluth

By the time Ray Gabbard sold his Cushman parts business to Rich and Joan Suski in 1989, the Cushman Club of America was approaching 2000 members. The club continued to grow under the strong leadership of its first 3 elected Presidents, Jim Lyne, Randolph Garner, and Jesse Dowler and their elected boards. Cushman scooters were being restored at a record pace, all because the members now had sources that they could buy parts from. James Kanak from Texas was selling NOS parts, as were Paul Covert and Rich and Joan Suski now with Ray Gabbardís stock. Whenever a parts problem occurred, the members would step forward to solve it. We needed Aluminum gas caps for the Eagle scooters and Pete Peterson and Kenny Jones of Springfield Mo. reproduced them, exact as the original. If you needed a chain guard they would make one for you. If you needed an Air Cleaner for your scooter, you could get it from Lou Campo If you had a series 50 Scooter, but no body, Jesse Dowler could make one, You name it, Jesse would make it. Paul Covert had new steel wheels made, plus many other things to numerous to write about here.

In the summer of 1990 we read in our Cushman club magazine that Ray Gabbard had been appointed District Manager for Dennis Carpenter Cushman. Dennis Carpenter was well known as a supplier of fine replacement, and NOS parts for auto and truck restorers. I can't tell you how much the involvement of Dennis Carpenter in the Cushman parts supply has meant to our Cushman Scooter restorers. His first catalog came out in 1990, soon to be followed by a # 2 in 1990.  It was like a dream book to many Scooter members. Now at last they could buy just about anything they needed to restore a Cushman Scooter. Dennis continued to add to his product line of Cushman parts by purchasing the tooling that made the original parts from Cushman in Lincoln. Peg McClure, a long time employee of Cushman was able to help him secure the tooling, as well as other help he needed from Cushman.

Many times in the last few years when I mention what some of our parts dealers have done to help keep the Cushman Scooter alive, I get the answer, "well they are making money at it".  Come on, get real! Of course they are making money because they have to. Dennis Carpenter and our other part suppliers are businessmen, they have families that depend on them and they have employees that depend on them. We are so lucky to have people that love our hobby so much that they will put their time and money into making our hobby grow. They certainly did their part in saving the Cushman scooter.

I also want to mention the Technical Editors, Carl Redmon, and Al Gullion that spent hours writing articles to help us understand how to make our Cushman Scooters run, and how to maintain them in top shape. Also our long serving Editor of the Cushman Club of America, Robert Cantrell. Bob has supplied us with a top quality Cushman Club of America magazine for all these many years, allowing our members a opportunity to display their restored Scooters, as well as see others efforts with their Cushmans. There are many more people that need to be mentioned here, but I believe that we now have supplied you with the names of many that took our Cushman Scooter thru its critical years 1970 to 1990. One of the most important was the Cushman Motor Works. If they had not sent their surplus parts to the junk yard at Northwest where Cliff Tompkin, myself, and others were able to obtain them, Cushman restoration would have been much harder, if not impossible.

I have waited to the end of my story to name the #1 person Who Saved The Cushman Scooter, and that of course is YOU. It is your efforts to restore and ride your own Cushman and to buy and trade parts with others that has saved the Cushman Scooter. It could not, or would not have happened with out YOU, and for this I thank you.

Your California Cushman friend,
Bob Jungbluth

Ed Note: Cushman pioneer Paul Covert passed away several years ago and his Cushman stock was purchased by Bert Barnett at B&B Motor Sports. I did not get back into Cushman restoration until Paul was gone, but I have heard so many nice things about him from so many different people that I feel that I knew him.

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