Who Saved The Cushman Scooter

Chapter Five
By Bob Jungbluth

Hi to all my Cushman friends out there.  Before we start on this next chapter of Who Saved the Cushman Scooter, I want to say how happy I am to see the Technical articles that Jim has taken the time to put together for all of us on his web page. Thank you from me, and all of those that these articles help.

Now lets get back to where we left off in the last Chapter. When I notice that this man had a pickup truck full of chrome shrouds for the scooters, I introduced myself to him and he said that his name was Cliff Tompkin. He asked if I was the one that had been buying the scrap Cushman parts. When I told him I was he asked if I wanted some of the shrouds.  When I asked how much he said, "no charge, I have more than enough, and I am happy to share with you". Because we had water-cooled the Cushman motor for our racing, the shrouds were of little value to me, but Cliff wanted me to take ten of them, which I did. This was the first of my dealings with Cliff Tompkin, a man who always treated me very fair and honestly. I have been to his home many times, and I especially remember one Sunday he invited me to have lunch with he and his family. That afternoon he traded me 100 new Cushman crankshafts for a new 3 wheel ATV that the company I worked for was manufacturing. I will not go into the amount of NOS parts Cliff had, because that is his business, but my stock was a drop in the bucket compared to Cliff's. I will say that Cliff would always share when Cushman would dump NOS parts at Northwest, many times he would tell me "I heard they are getting rid of this or that, do you need any? If so, I will get some for you". Now that is a friend. When I told Cliff that I thought all the NOS parts that Cushman had left over had already been dumped at Northwest, he said no, and he took me to the Cushman Sales and Service building, and introduced me to George Hametz.

George was in charge of this operation for Cushman and would play a big part in my quest to buy more NOS Cushman parts. I will tell you more about him in our next chapter. Cliff Tompkin also took me to the Cushman Surplus Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, and I found they had hundreds of NOS Cushman parts there, and they did not know what they were. So here was yet another source of parts that Cliff told me about.

On a number of occasions Cliff heard of others who had picked up parts at Northwest and now wanted to sell them. He took me to several and I was able to buy almost 100 more crankshafts. For a good number of years I saw Cliff at the National Cushman meets selling parts out of his pickup. It has been a number of years now since I have seen him, but I understand that he is still selling Cushman parts. I would have to name my friend Cliff Tompkin, as one of those people that saved the Cushman Scooter.

Your California Cushman Friend,

 Bob Jungbluth

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