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              A Tachometer for the Cast Iron Cushman Engine


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This is a really neat little electronic tachometer that works on a Cast Iron Engine Cushman Scooter, or any other small engine that fires once each crank rotation. It measures about 2 by 3 inches and is about 1 inch thick.  It is powered by an internal lithium battery with a stated life of about 3 years.  I have a couple that are going on five years and still working fine. The Cushman, like most small 4 cycle engines, fires on every rotation. Since the engine is on the compression stroke every other rotation, the in between fire is simply ignored.  However, for an electronic tachometer to read correctly this extra fire must be accounted for.  Be sure when ordering  that you get the correct model because they made them for other types of engines that fire differently. The Briggs part number below is correct for Cushman. When the engine is not running the tachometer displays the number of operating hours since it was installed.  The units have mounting tabs on each side of the plastic enclosure.  The main unit is an epoxy sealed module and it is easy to peal off the plastic case and put the unit in a milled aluminum case like you see on the silver colored scooter on this web's home page. The unit below has had its plastic case removed and is ready to install in the aluminum enclosure.

The tachometer is available from the following sources. The Briggs & Stratton model 
is pictured.  The Northern Hydraulics is cosmetically different but is the same unit.

Ed's Cushman Shop   Telephone (217) 874-2771

Northern Hydraulics Tool & Equipment  part number 160596-C136  
(800) 556-7885

Any local Briggs & Stratton Dealer part number 19389.