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Vanguard Engine Conversion 

 Standard 1959 Cast Iron Frame

Left side showing the aluminum shroud.

Right Side of bike. The manual starter can be removed and replaced with a dress plate if desired. The plate must have adequate air intake space.


Note the neat speedometer available from Chrome Specialties. An aluminum ring was milled to adapt the smaller speedometer to the Cushman dash hole. The tach is a standard Briggs & Stratton item. The aluminum case was milled for it. The front turn signals are clearance lamps fitted with 21 candlepower halogen bulbs. The rear turn signals are standard Harley Davidson items. The speedometer adaptor ring is available from Hobbytech.

Update 9-20-03  Apparently Chrome Specialties has merged with another firm and this speedometer is no longer available. See my Speedometer Page for a suitable replacement.

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