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Cushman/Vanguard Conversion

This bike has been selected as the January picture for the CCOA Customs Calendar for 2002

 [ Technical Info on Conversion ]

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Left Side Full View with shroud on Comet Torque Converter


Right Side Full View


V-close-Rt.jpg (44213 bytes)

Right Side Detail View.  Note Pancake Air cleaner Atop Engine


V-detail-Rt.jpg (49936 bytes)

Right side close up view. Note jackshaft, back side of Comet
driven pulley and vertical support brace behind engine.  Chain tensioner
shown is not required for conversion. Battery box is above jackshaft

V-close-L.jpg (51232 bytes)

Close up with Comet shroud removed. Note how loose belt is at idle.
Heatsink in exhaust pipe is a coupling device in disguise. Thanks to
Ross & Barbara for the nice seat cover and buddy seat.  Engine sits on
a 1/4 inch steel plate milled to 1/10 inch in areas over frame members to give
nice visual edge. Welded to frame from bottom back on the 1/4 thickness.

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