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This page lists literature that will be helpful for anyone who is looking for a Cushman Scooter to ride or restore. The literature is presented in two groups. The first lists publications about the history of the Cushman Motor Works and the Cushman Scooter. They will be especially helpful in identifying the various models that Cushman made from 1936 to 1965. The second lists service publications pertaining to specific models that will be invaluable when you find your scooter. 

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All of these publications can be obtained from any Cushman Dealer listed at my Dealer Page - Click the link in the left margin or go to the Site Index Page.


Group 1:  History and Model Identification Literature


The Complete Guide to Cushman Scooters
Manual on scooters from 1936 to 1966. Lots of photos and informative text. Over 80 pages.


Cushman Photo Album & Scooter Memories
Lots of factory & archive photos


A History of the Cushman Motor Works 1879-1986
Factory and Dealer Photographs


Cushman Motor Scooter Scrapbook
Many color pictures, original price sheets & more    48 pages


History of the Cushman Eagle
From the early Cast Iron Eagle to the Super Silver Eagle

CUSH 4020-S

Cushman Motor Scooter Accessories
Nostalgic information on factory accessories with original price lists

Group 2:  Service Information


Shop Manual for Cushman Engines
Excellent manual on Cast Iron engines


Shop Manual- Engine Specs, Etc
For 50 Series Step-Thru's


Cushman Motor Scooter Shop Service Manual
For 60 Series Step-Thru's


Cushman Eagle Parts Book
Indispensable parts book for early Eagles 1950-1958


Cushman Eagle Parts Book Eagle & Super Eagle
Parts book for Cast Iron Eagles 1959 & Up


765 Silver Eagle Parts Book with OMC Engines
Parts book for Silver (OMC engine) Eagles


Pacemaker, Road King, Highlander
Later streamline Pacemaker & Road King plus late Highlanders


Parts Listings for Highlander, Pacemaker & Road King
For 1960 and later scooters

Disclaimer:  Hobbytech has no financial interest in the literature or the dealers listed. 

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