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Last Update 06/14/08

This page lists the newer items posted.  For an index of all technical articles at this web site click the  Technical Index link. 

A new improved index for historical articles and stories will be added shortly

New!  Cracked Cast Iron Block Repair

The Reiss 3- Speed Billet Transmission

Breathing Life into Tilly, the Cushman Fire Truck

Quinton - A neat Cushman story by Ron Saum

Pictures from the SECC Show in Cochran, GA 2003

 Vanguard Conversion Information Page

Crystal Radio Page Added 12/17/02  Updated  6/20/03

New and Improved Technical Index

Picture story about a Locomotive on a Cushman chassis

Pictures of Dennis Carpenter's Plant

Pictures from the CCOA Charlotte, NC Show in June

Elbert Faris' Vanguard Kits Pictured

Other American Made Scooters Pictured

Scooter Pictures Added 

Truckster Pictures Added  

Truckster Pictures Page      

Interesting info on Bo Diddley on Feature Bike Page Three  01/14/01

Cushman Timeline Updated  

Link to Carpenter's Museum 

Cushman Hints and Tips 

Installing Chrome Handlebars on Older Scooters    

Cushman Scooters all lined up in front of my school in 1948   

New Pictures of Carpenter's Cushman Museum In Charlotte, NC   

My Cushman Model 52 Vanguard Conversion   (Updated 04/23/01)

The Comet Scooter Story     Part One         

The Comet Scooter Story     Part Two      

Supplemental Information Page for Engine Manual (original edition)

Richard Smith's 60 Series with Vanguard Conversion