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If you want to purchase a Cushman Scooter the places to look are in the Cushman Club of America magazine (click here for membership information) or at their web site's classified page www.cushmanclubofamerica.com, and at the auction site www.ebay.com. Dennis Carpenter and Ray's Cushmans both sell "barn fresh" and fully restored scooters.  Often the vintage Cushman dealers have scooters for sale. Sometimes the newspaper classified ads in the larger cities will list Cushman Scooters for sale. Click the link in the next paragraph for information on Dennis and Ray, plus a list of our vintage Cushman dealers. 

If you are trying to identify a particular model Cushman Scooter click here to go to the Cushman ID page. The page has pictures of all known 2-wheel Cushman scooters.

If you are looking for service manuals, parts manuals or replacement parts for a Cushman scooter click here for a list of our vintage Cushman dealers and their contact information. Dennis Carpenter Industries manufactures a multitude of replacement parts for the Cushman scooter and offers three catalogs, one for the Step-Thru, one for the Cast Iron Eagle and one for the Silver Eagle. You can purchase Dennis' parts direct or from any of the vintage Cushman dealers listed at my Dealer page. The prices are the same no mater where you purchase them.  Many of the vintage dealers also sell various parts of their own manufacture. Most of the dealers will go out of their way to help you with any problems you may have.

If you have engine problems, or just want to know more about it my "How to Rebuild the Cushman Cast Iron Engine" will help. It has step-by-step directions to overhaul your engine. click here for more information.

If you have "how to" questions a to visit is my Technical section may help. You can find lots of information about all aspects of Cushman Scooters at these pages. click here to go to the Technical Index Page.

If your interest is assembling a Cushman with a Vanguard V-Twin engine click here to go to my Vanguard section. 

If you would like your scooter or Truckster featured on my Cushman Pictures pages please send the picture to me at the email address below. Please allow a few days for me to post it.

Due to time constraints I can no longer answer individual questions about Cushman Scooters.

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